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Les analystes du marché ont réagi avec optimisme au très attendu Budget de l’État pour 2020 qui a été dévoilé par le gouvernement omanais mercredi. Le trait le plus marquant étant la hausse des dépenses (bien que modeste) envisagée dans le Budget, ce qui révèle un engagement durable du gouvernement pour garder une économie plus ou moins bien huilée tout en limitant le déficit fiscal à un taux raisonnable de 8% du PIB. Le Budget de l’État approuvé par le décret royal 1/2020 prévoit ...
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Board of Directors of the Public Authority for Social Insurance (PASI) held its fourth meeting this year, chaired by Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Bakri, Minister of Manpower, Chairman of PASI Board of Directors.          The meeting discussed a number of topics included in the agenda. It was briefed on the results of PASI institutional performance indicators, and the executive position of the projects of the second phase of the strategic plan (2016-2020), and a number of insurance programs projects that the authority plans to implement during the coming ...
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Sheikh Saad bin Mohammed bin Said Al Mardouf al- Saadi,Minister of Sports Affairs issued today ministerial decrees announcing the introduction of three new sports committees, the Oman Squash Committee, the Oman Fencing Committee and the Oman Badminton Committee.   The decision came to regulate the affairs of individual sports, contribute to ...
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Dr Abdulmunim bin Mansour al Hasani, Minister of Information, received in his office on Monday Adnan al Rashid, Deputy Chairman of the Arab Journalists Union. The meeting reviewed cooperation to serve the media march and the role played by the different media means in covering the current events, as well as their importance in conveying the real picture of the events. Adnan al Rashid praised the remarkable progress made by the Sultanate and hoped that such visits will contribute to enhancing the future
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Wadi Tiwi, located in the Tiwi district of Wilayat of Sur in South Al Sharqiyah Governorate, is one of the top winter destinations in the Sultanate. Most travel operators include the wadi, which is 140 km from the Muscat governorate, in their tourism packages. The 36-km-long wadi, which sees a huge influx of tourists during winter, is located near a mountain village called Mibam. It passes through several villages, where palms and bananas are grown, overlooking scenic mountains.
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